Should I? Or Shouldn’t I?

I’ve been going back and forth on what I should do about prioritizing my time between my full time job and my start-up. My job pays very well but I’m no longer passionate about what I’m doing. I’ve been in the industry for more than 13 years and the challenges are just repeating themselves at this point rather than evolving. I thought returning from maternity leave would reinvigorate my passion, but for various reasons the exact opposite has happened.

Part of me wants to get the MVP live, get some real-time feedback from real users, evolve the product, and decide to quit my fulltime gig at that point. However, since I’m building a community, the other part of me understands that it’s going to need A LOT of nurturing and I think that it HAS to be me serving that role. I don’t think I can be at my full time gig much longer and I don’t think my start-up can make much more progress without more of my focus.

I’ve decided to resign from my full time gig with an end date of end of October. My MVP will be live by then which means we’ll be gathering feedback and can better focus the product. I can’t even believe I just admitted that I’m quitting my job. This is such a huge step but as a life-long risk averse person, I’m beyond thrilled about this challenge. If it doesn’t work out, I think that the experience alone will be extremely valuable and perhaps even make me more marketable in the long run.

To complicate things, our lease is up at the end of October so we have to also worry about where we’re going to live. We have a very expensive NYC apartment. If I’m quitting my job to bootstrap my start-up, we have to be very thoughtful about where we go next, especially living in the most expensive city in the country. We also have an expensive (but worth every penny) employee – our nanny – to worry about. Obviously, if I quit my job to focus on my start-up, I’ll still need her to care for my children because there’s no way I could get the product off the ground without childcare help.

We are lucky to have options, though. We have free childcare in the Midwest, where my husband and I were raised. The tentative plan for now is to quit my job, extend our lease for 2 months (through the end of the year), become totally immersed in the start-up culture of NYC, temporarily head back to the Midwest to take advantage of free childcare and free rent for ~3 months (no more than 6 months). Hopefully we’ll get funded and we can return to the city – or head to where ever it’s important for my business to be. I hope we’ll be able to find our nanny (who is absolutely lovely) a temporary baby nurse gig until we can return and hire her back. I tend to be an optimist so I realize this may not be likely, but a girl can dream that everything will line up like I hope.

Am I crazy? What would you do?


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