In a Good Way

I’m starting a company. If things go as planned over the next few months, I’ll be quitting my six-figure job. I live in New York City and I have twin toddlers. I have an employee – our nanny.

This is by far The. Scariest. Thing. I have ever done. In. My. Life.

For as scared as I am, I am equally (maybe more?) excited. I guess that means I’m scared in a good way. I thrive with change and I can’t think of a bigger life change. Sure, committing myself to spend the rest of my life with my husband (of almost 9 years!) was a big life change. Moving to NYC from the Midwest was a big one, too. Finding out we were expecting twins and then going on to raise them over the last 12 months was a huge one. But this one tops ’em all, I think.

I’m starting this blog as an outlet to chronical my experience and emotions through the trials and tribulations of getting a company off the ground. More details on said company to come.

Bring it! MrsStartup is ready to take the world by storm!


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